Love it, wear it!


We have all experienced that moment when you see something and instantly fall in love with it. I must confess that it does not happen to me often as I am not a very enthusiastic shopper. However, I can confirm that every time I actually made a purchase based on that impulse, the item remained a firm favourite and a great investment. (Of course this does not include any purchases made at times when my judgement was severely clouded by jet lag or any other out of the ordinary circumstances. I am most certainly guilty of those too.)

A great example would be the crochet headband my mom bought me for Christmas back in the 80’s. It had feathers and beads hanging down the one side of my face and I was completely and utterly besotted with it. Maybe it was a sign of things to come…

I do buy jewellery, mostly during my travels and usually something that reminds me of that country, but never without absolute love at first sight.

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