Adele studied Fine Arts majoring in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing under the expert and inspiring tutelage of Dieter Dill. Throughout a rigorous four year degree program, she developed both her artistic and creative capabilities as well as her craftsmanship.


She is intrigued by the unique aesthetic and cultural value of particularly ethnic jewellery, which also extends to objects not necessarily produced to adorn the body. This love includes her cherished African roots as well as the fascinating tribal arts of Asia. These influences are often reflected indirectly in her work.

Adele’s inspiration emanates from the world around her, with her designs characterised by the natural juxtaposition of hard, geometric symmetry and gentle, organic curves. Any object can spark the creative impulse: an old coin or a chunk of weathered coral washed ashore, ultimately resulting in a unique work of wearable art.


Along Adele’s journey she discovered the joy of working with Japanese Silver Art Clay. This medium frees the artist from the rigid discipline of traditional bench work and allows her to shape precious Fine Silver by hand or with moulds made from “found objects”. Due to her love of colour, she regularly encrusts this material with high quality gemstones able to withstand the high temperatures required when firing silver metal clay. She is a qualified Japanese Silver Art Clay instructor and have taught jewellery making in Singapore.

ADELE’s Work

Adele is equally at home behind her Singapore Studio bench working with various metals including gold, silver and copper. These are sometimes combined and embellished with a variety of semi-precious gemstones, carvings and pearls. Some creations also incorporate found objects collected over many years during extensive travels.

Not interested in conformity, mass production or the “status or wealth” often associated with jewellery, her collection is characterised by the exploration of new expression possibilities. Each piece is therefore a unique object, handmade exclusively by her.

About Adele

A great supporter of the arts, Adele is passionate about music, especially the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, as well as musicals, dance performances and films, all of which can inspire a new idea or design range.

When not making jewellery, she plays the piano, reads and takes instructions from her three very busy daughters.